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Semi-Welded PHE
GPHE Marine Rings
Gas/Liquid Heat Recovery
NOx/SOx Redux
Energy Saving System
Gas/Gas Core
G-G HX Butterfly Core
Gas/Liquid HR HX
Gas/Gas HR HX
Gas/ Liquid Petrochem
Gas/GAs Tower HRU
Gas/Gas Refinery
PHE Chemical Plant

Plate Technology Solutions

Heat transfer products to fit your process needs

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Plate Heat Exchangers

Tight space?


Close Temperature Approach? Check.

Easy maintenance and cleaning? Check

The traditional compact heat exchanger for applications large and small, made with corrosion resistant materials, especially designed for exceptional thermal performance and ease of maintenance.


Gas-Gas / Gas-Liquid Heat Exchangers

Put your exhaust gas to work and reclaim your heat while reducing environmental impact.

Proprietary plate technology and clever designs to fit within existing systems or for new projects.

Available in a variety of corrosion-resistant and heat resistant materials

Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers

Compact Thermal Efficiency of the Plate Heat Exchanger combined with Robust Integrity of the classic Shell & Tube heat exchanger

Perfect for Reboilers, Condensers, Asymmetrical flow, corrosive media applications where high temperatures and/or pressures are required.

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